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I joined the MAS scheme very early on as I thought it was a great initiative by PDFORRA. It turned out to be one of the best things I ever decided to sign up to.

I was finally seen by a public surgeon and listed for emergency back surgery in May 2019, my Military MO contacted the hospital enquiring how long before I would be operated on as I was deteriorating rapidly. He was informed a minimum of 12-18 months before I would be seen even though I was listed as an emergency. I felt helpless and absolutely abandoned by the Public Healthcare system. I contacted PDFORRA and was put in touch with Damien who explained everything and guided me through every step of the MAS process.

I saw my surgeon in Belfast in August 2019 and I am very happy to say I was operated on last week (Oct 2019) and my the quality of my life has improved dramatically. Its going to take me time to recover but I’m now improving instead of waiting & getting worse!

I cannot recommend this scheme highly enough. If there ever was a reason to join PDFORRA this alone is it and existing members should definitely sign up too!

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