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The PMAS scheme in my personal opinion is one of the best things a soldier can pay into. The DF as a whole will not give you the service and medical assistance that is needed for the job we do on a day to day basis. I was injured badly on a DF exercise that was the fault of the kit and equipment I was issued and if it was not for the PMAS scheme I would still be suffering.

My injury was abnormally damaging to my right shoulder and inducing a very bad dislocation. Post the exercise the DF did not send me for any form of X ray or MRI and to date (five years later) they still haven’t bar medically downgrading me.

A buddy of mine told me about the PMAS scheme and I signed up. With little to no effort on my side I was seen in a matter of weeks by the staff of Kingsbridge private hospital and was referred to an MRI in the coming weeks. The MRI resulted in surgery and I am now on the road to a six month recovery.

On a whole Damien and his team have made the process as painless as possible and I never had to be financially worried about my medical bills and expenses.

I would like to take this time to thank Damien and his team for getting me the medical assistance I needed when the DF were unable to provide any assistance to the circumstances they placed me in.





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