About ANSAC Credit Union

ANSAC Credit Union Limited, named using the first letters of Army, Naval Services and Air Corps, was formed to promote thrift, by encouraging their members to save together and when necessary, to provide money for worthwhile purposes to one another. Today ANSAC has over 6,500 members.

Who can join

Credit Unions must have a common bond that is either professional or geographic.  In the case of ANSAC, it is membership of PDFORRA.  The family of ANSAC members, including minors, can also join.  Adult family members must live at the same address as the ANSAC Member.  This however is not a requirement in the case of children of ANSAC Members.


Their services

ANSAC provide a number of services, which you can read more about directly on their website using the below links:

Joining ANSAC is easy

As previously referenced, to sign up to the PDFORRA Medical Assistance Scheme and receive your bridging loan, you must be a member of ANSAC Credit Union.

If you’re not already a member, the good news is that signing up is easy.  Simply download their membership application form below and return it to them at: 

Ansac Credit Union,

75-76 Amiens Street,

Dublin 1.





Alternatively you can phone their office for assistance on 018554489 or send them an email to info@ansaccu.ie

You can also access their Frequently Asked Questions section here