I have to say, when I first heard about PMAS, I thought how can this be real? How could we possibly get private health insurance for €1 a week? So I signed up and got my referral from the doctor in St Bricins to go up to Kingsbridge Hospital.

I had been waiting years to see a specialist, and within a matter of a week I was contacted by PMAS to arrange my appointment in Kingsbridge Hospital, at most I was waiting 2 weeks after the initial contact with PMAS to having my appointment in Kingsbridge to see a pain specialist.

I made the short trip from Dublin to Belfast and into the hospital, where I was met by lovely staff members and shown to the waiting area which was spotless and not crowded in any way. I saw the consultant at the time I was given for the appointment, and was not waiting around. The consultant dealt with me in a one on one manner and was very polite and very thorough. I was given my diagnosis and a plan for moving forward by him and spoke to me in a straight-forward manner.

After getting my plan to move forward with the injury I have I'm now back doing more than I have been in years, and its all thanks to being able to avail of the PMAS scheme. Overall I was highly impressed by the service and how quickly and easily it was to get my appointment and be seen by a specialist, i would highly recommend this service to all members of PDFORRA, if you're not signed up get a form and sign up today.