I filled out my application for PMAS (PDFORRA Medical Assistance Scheme) and gave it to my PDFORRA representative. Two weeks later Damien contacted me for permission to share my information with the HSE and

Kingsbridge Private Hospital. That was a Friday, first thing Monday morning Kingsbridge contacted me to arrange a consultation. This was scheduled for 2 weeks later. After the consultation I had to fill out some paperwork for the HSE and ANSAC etc. Exactly 3 months later I had my procedure done by a highly regarded surgeon. The Hospital itself felt like more like a hotel than a hospital. I had my own private room with a T.V. and Wifi. The food was also top notch with menus provided and I could pick the time I wanted my evening meal delivered to my room.

I honestly cannot recommend PMAS enough. Damien was always at the other end of the phone for any questions I had. Everything about the service was top class. For €1 a week I cannot understand why anyone would not avail of this service, it is the best option for any enlisted member of the Defence Forces.  Thank you sincerely.